Who Is King of the Church?

How many super star pastors and church planters need to fall before we return to the simplicity of the local church. A culture built upon the solid rock of Jesus Christ and His grace where everyday followers of the Master love one another well as they pursue their destiny in Him.

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Church Growth Or Kingdom Impact? A Courageous Decision, by Ed Underwood

As smoke follows fire, criticism follows authentic, Christ-centered and Scripture informed church leadership. When God’s grace touches lives, God’s enemy stirs. And as the Thessalonians knew, entrenched ecclesiastical authority is always ready for the devil’s lie that the Bible doesn’t mean what it ways, especially when what it says is uncomfortable or unpopular.

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The Disciplemaking Church: Where do I begin?

That’s what RecenteredGroup is all about. If you’re wondering what I’d say if you asked me how I would help you build a discpemaking church my answer would be:

“Let me come spend time with you and your leaders. I’ll disciple them in a way that equips them to disciple others.”It’s just that simple. However, with over four decades of experience I think I can help you avoid about a thousand of the ten-thousand disciplemaking mistakes I made.

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