Reconciliation and Love

reconciliation and love.jpg

The Christian response to personal attacks — to hostility and belittling — is always moving toward reconciliation through love, prayer, and expected suffering. When followers of Christ, especially leaders, respond in any other way, we have stepped away from Jesus’ footprints. The love that pursues reconciliation rather than vindication is the expression of faith that validates Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God and Rescuer of creation and humanity.

Reconciliation through selfless love is as powerful as Jesus himself, for it is the only explanation for the cross.

“But,” you may protest, “what do I do when selfless love does not ‘work’ and in fact leads to more persecution?”

Immediate victory or short-circuited resolution isn’t the goal.

Transformation of relationships, marriages, families, and communities from within by the power of obeying the Great Commandment is what Jesus desires for His people.

It’s messy.

It’s risky.

Grace always is.