A Leader’s Encouraging Journey Back to What Matters Most, by Ed Underwood

Online and onsite courses

Online and onsite courses

Making disciples and loving one another is Jesus’ desire for every leader of His beloved church. This basic course brings you hours of personal coaching as you learn how to return to what first moved your heart to serve God’s people.

Until you got sidetracked.

By numbers.

By budgets.

By trendy churchianity.

By putting out endless and discouraging fires kindled by the entitled, the unhappy, and the petty sheep in your flock.

If you’re worn out by church, but want to be about your Father’s business of making disciples to His Son and building authentic community where His people love one another (beginning with you and your leaders), then this is the course for you.

I’m gathering a community of five or six leaders (pastors, elders, para-church leaders, missionaries) to discuss some practical, radical, and liberating ways to dive deeper into how to dedicate our lives to what matters most to Jesus.

Don’t pass this up. I’m offering it this first time free of charge, so let’s learn together.

It’s an online course, so if you have a computer or a smart phone, you’re ready to go.

It’s what you need. Write me here and I’ll follow up within 24 hours.