Christian, Are You Tired of Doing What Never Works?

Are you worn out by a false path to maturity?

Are you worn out by a false path to maturity?

Are you sick of doing what never works?

A discouraged missionary was in my office wondering what we could do to help the masses of everyday Christians and their leaders who have been captured and neutralized by the false formula: More Law + More Desire = More Spiritual.

“I don’t think they’ll listen until they wear themselves out trying to do what doesn’t work.”

It doesn’t work because it can’t work. The flesh cannot be disciplined to the point that it produces Christlike behavior.

That’s why Jesus came.

That’s why He sent His Spirit.

Are you worn out yet? Are you sick of doing what doesn’t work, and hiding your sin and discouragement from your Christian friends?

Read on, Paul has great news for you in Galatians 5:16-26!

Move on to what always works: Walk in the Spirit.

In one of the most important passages on the Christian life in the Bible, Paul explains the grace alternative to the law. By walking in the Spirit, Christians overcome the self-indulgent sins of the flesh and express their faith through love, a love that glorifies God by displaying the character of Christ. It’s God’s glorious alternative to the law.

It’s an amazing promise: When we walk in the Spirit we will not follow the desires of the flesh.

I hope you’ll navigate to my teaching in the free online commentary of Galatians. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page for my detailed notes on Galatians 5:16-26.

Walk in the Spirit to glorify God in your liberty!

Question: How can I help you trust the power of the living God and His grace by walking in the Spirit?

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