Different, Better, But Still the Same

Different better church.jpg

Authentic church only works when leader’s build into others and love selflessly, not when leaders stand on a stage speaking and throw down the spiritual authority card.

Teaching isn’t the same as discipleship. Compliance isn’t the same as unity. Vision isn’t a replacement for community. A pastor on a screen isn’t just like being with a spiritual shepherd…

There’s still plenty of room for effective communication, church creativity and innovation to make a difference for Jesus in this world. But awesome instruction, creativity and innovation will never be a replacement for hands-on, in the trenches discipleship that loves Jesus’ way. Inventiveness in spiritual leadership only leads to widespread life-change when replacing the religious status quo without jettisoning Jesus’ commands to make disciples and love one another.

And the only way church can be better is by being different while remaining the same.

Ed UnderwoodComment