Church Life: Jesus must be at the center, by Ed Underwood

Jesus was at the center of the Jesus Movement revival of the 60s

Jesus was at the center of the Jesus Movement revival of the 60s

It seems to be getting more difficult to keep Jesus at the center of church life.

Many times in my journey as a pastor I was so immersed in problems of church and culture that my Christian life had become a draining, burdensome pilgrimage. The demands of leadership had pushed Jesus into the margins.

Fortunately, it hasn’t stayed that way. Cancer and the protective love of my wife, children, and a few trusted friends turned my attention back to Jesus. Graciously and tenderly He asked me, “Am I still enough for you? Who do you now say that I am?”

When I first met Him during the Jesus Movement revival, He was my all in all. What a jarring self-discovery to realize that my professional Christian life was causing Him to decrease!

It has become entirely obvious to me that my personal relationship with the Son of God is the heart of my reality as God’s child by grace.

Church should be about Jesus, above all.

And this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to help weary and burdened church leaders rediscover the joy of keeping Jesus at the center.

When the shepherds keep Jesus at the center, the flock will follow.

If you’re realizing that somehow you pushed Jesus to the background of your life, I think I can help.

Write me.

Ed Underwood