Disciples, Don’t Forget To Actually Make Them

It’s Jesus’ only commission, His Great Commission.

It’s Jesus’ only commission, His Great Commission.

It’s important to think through making disciples in a local church. Prioritizing the truths to emphasize, finding and obtaining suitable materials and the methods you need. Having a plan.

But the most important step is often overlooked. The most significant threshold of the process is turning discipleship into a habit in the lives of leaders. My experience in working with local churches has been that too often discipleship is something the people should do while the leaders devote themselves to “more important” matters. Like the budget. Like growing the church. Like keeping people happy. Like crafting a riveting vision statement. Like keeping up with the current trends and issues in culture.

In Jesus’ mind and teaching nothing is more important than loving one another and making disciples. Until the leaders embrace discipleship by turning it into a habit, the plan will be nothing more than, well, a plan. When pastors and elders show up for discipleship by doing it over and over again until they’re good at it, and until it’s a part of who they are and what they do, making disciples begins to take off.

Most books, most websites, most programs, most Christian education is about theories of discipleship.

What a waste of time, resources and energy that so many church leaders don’t invest their own lives into the practice of discipleship.