Growth Through Grace

Grace works, and only grace works.

Grace works, and only grace works.

hame is brutal. And anticipating shameful scenarios is even worse.

It creates an enormous amount of emotional and spiritual overload. It makes it difficult to trust others, even those who love us without agenda, hard to invest in long term relationships and community. And it fills us with anxiety, stunting our growth in Christ.

Grace has a benefit. Truth taught in grace, communities of grace, relationships based on grace give us room to breathe. We’re set free to try, to fail, to get back up, to listen, to get excited and make a difference for Jesus in this broken world.

We don’t need more shame in order for the church to look good. And Jesus never affirms outward appearance and surface success.

Most of all, it’s worth trusting grace. The outcome is breathtaking, and the journey (the way God’s Spirit leads each of us every day) matters to Jesus. Only grace invites Him along the path.

That’s one of the primary rewards of churches that intentionally maintain environments of grace. It creates a safe place to live out of our awesome resources in Christ.