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I’ve been writing on for years. After I transitioned out of the Lead Pastor role at our beloved Church of the Open Door recently, Judy and I started a new ministry–Recentered Group. A lifetime of following Christ and over four decades in church leadership have convinced me that churches need to get healthy and stay healthy. It seems to me that part of that path toward health must recenter priorities on what’s most important to Jesus–loving one another and making disciples.

Right now I’m in the process of making the place to go to access everything that has to do with my writing and teaching. You’ll soon find a growing list of free online commentaries on every book of the Bible, links to sermons I’ve preached and series I’ve taught over the years, and how to order any of the books I’ve authored.

The posts coming to your inbox will originate from Recentered is what Judy and I want to do with the rest of our lives–help churches get and stay healthy. We want to be for younger pastors what was seldom there for us, and we’re passionate about the body of Christ maturing to look more like it’s Head, the Lord Jesus. That’s the simple mission of Recentered Group: to help leadership cultures get healthy and thrive.

We accomplish this mission through consulting, coaching, and teaching experiences designed to recenter strategy and action on Jesus’ two great priorities–the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. Recentered Group doesn’t define your vision. Recentered Group provides a sustainable path to the vision God has given your community.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to fill your inbox with a lot of long dissertations on church. The Recentered Blogs are weekly. You can read through the entire list here.

There’s also the option of joining our prayer team by simply clicking on the link to the right.

It’s quite an adventure for Judy and me, and I hope you’ll travel it with us. I feel strongly that along the way you’ll discover ways to help your church gain the vitality of true, New Testament health.