Sparking Intentional Discomfort


If you’re seeking to create lasting change in your church or leadership team, there’s no way to avoid discomfort, the discomfort that works both ways.

Want to see people actually change and begin to heal from unresolved issues from their home of origin pathologies, past hurts, violated trust, and unmet expectations? It’s a worthwhile goal and when it’s just theory everyone seems on board. Except that you now surface the feelings erupting from brokenness. Feelings you’ve sworn in your heart (maybe without even knowing it) that you are never going to feel again. Grace is wonderful, but growing in grace involves change. And the thing about grace-change is that it’s incompatible with control.

It’s way easier to talk about theology, or biblical interpretation.

Usually, when we’re truly ready to pursue spiritual growth in community (especially among leaders), we say, “I’m tired of how unhealthy we are. I’m sick of talking about the same old problems and dealing with the same shallow church issues.  I want our team to go deeper with Jesus and make a difference in this broken world.”

What’s a lot more difficult (and in my opinion necessary) is to add to those sentences, “and this is going to make us uncomfortable, beginning with me, but I’m willing if it takes us deeper with Jesus and one another.”