The Disciplemaking Church: Where do I begin?

Jesus wouldn’t call us to make disciples if He didn’t plan on helping us make them.

Jesus wouldn’t call us to make disciples if He didn’t plan on helping us make them.

He began the phone call with these words: “I don’t know how to build a disciplemaking church because I’ve never been discipled myself.”

I loved it that this young pastor had the guts to admit what I have to pry out of so many church leaders who ask for help.

There’s a crisis in the church today. Most church leaders have no idea how to build a disciplemaking church because, like this honest young man, no one ever discipled them. They studied theology, Greek, Hebrew, church history, and even spiritual formation. But no one ever sat across a table from them or in a room with them and simply said, “I want to help you follow Jesus.”

In the competitive atmosphere of local churches, disciplemaking usually takes a back seat to:

  • growing the church numerically

  • bringing in more money

  • a killer vision

  • addressing hot social topics

  • building a social media platform

The problem with all of these great priorities is that we can succeed at all of them while failing at making disciples.

I’m eternally thankful for the men and women who poured into my life through personal and group discipleship. Way before I was a pastor I knew how to make disciples through experiencing discipleship.

That’s what RecenteredGroup is all about. If you’re wondering what I’d say if you asked me how I would help you build a discpemaking church my answer would be:

“Let me come spend time with you and your leaders. I’ll disciple them in a way that equips them to disciple others.”

It’s just that simple. However, with over four decades of experience I think I can help you avoid about a thousand of the ten-thousand disciplemaking mistakes I made.

Call me.

Let’s talk about disciplemaking.