Transformative Pastors Stay the Course

Grace takes the long view, and so should pastors.

Grace takes the long view, and so should pastors.

Without a doubt, churches should embrace change. Culture, language, music, and the concerns and needs of everyday Christians and seekers of Christ used to reshape every decade or so, now they change daily. Don’t be trapped by someone who is trying to keep you from reframing your church or personal ministry to stay relevant.

Ignore the entitled that would like you to feel guilty for not protecting their comfort zone. Christian comfort zones lag behind Jesus’ priorities, and most important kingdom work is done by believers who don’t fit in to those comfort zones anyway.

However, change demands commitment, the commitment that stays the course. Realize that no one is more aware of the resistance you feel than the Lord Jesus. He’s also keenly aware of the unsettled feelings of the ones you lead.

That’s why he calls those of us who lead His people shepherds.

Shepherds stay the course. They stand watch on stormy nights, love the sheep in spite of their flaws, and don’t walk away when shepherding is hard.

Don’t bring change unless you’re willing to stay the course. And I’m not talking about years; I’m talking about decades.

…When you want to give up, do the shepherd thing. Hang in there and entrust your flock to the only One who can transform a life or a church.

His name is Jesus, also known as the Good Shepherd.