What a Waste!

Committed, equipped … but about to quit.

Committed, equipped … but about to quit.

Committed, trained, but... sustainable?

All three would be great, but all three aren't viewed as necessary.

Committed… we choose men and women who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ as His devoted disciples. These are the ones the Spirit is moving to lead Jesus' church..

Trained… we pour into these emerging leaders years of training in theology, Greek, Hebrew, biblical interpretation, spiritual formation, and church history.

At this point we have to admit that we believers and our churches are the stewards of millions of dollars invested through Bible Schools, seminaries, and Christian universities. But more than that, we're responsible for these lives that began so excited about making a difference for the Lord Jesus. These are people with families that we hire to be pastors and staff of our local churches.  

Sustainable?… This is where it all falls apart.

Churches chew up and spit out pastors and staff regularly. 

Pastors and staff politic and manipulate one another in a competitive atmosphere that inevitably leads to disunity, discouragement, and despair.

Values like building community and trust are pushed aside to pursue corporate vision statements and values.

Discipleship is virtually non-existent as we attend meetings where we take minutes and waste hours.

Pastors burnout or move on to a "new calling from God." Sincere elders and leaders decide that they will never volunteer for church leadership again.

And everyday believers wonder what happened to their church. The pastors they loved are suddenly gone and uncontrollable rumors poison every level of ministry. 

Alas, too often, in our confusion about priorities and our fear of trusting Jesus and one another enough to do the messy work of building sustainable leadership cultures, we end up settling on the desperately wrong conclusion that church fights and disunity are inevitable.

This is where RecenteredGroup come in. My passion is to stop this vicious cycle of euphoria, disillusionment, and failure that haunts the history of most churches... one pastor, one leadership team, on church at a time. 

Without sustainability, all the commitment and training is wasted.

And everyone loses.