Reading the Bible With Our Eyes Wide Open


Not simply plodding, not just words blurring past as we finish our quiet time or prepare to teach the Bible somewhere, but reading the Scriptures with our eyes wide open.

Aware of what’s going in our own heart. Present with the text, the sentence, the story. Seeing things clearly, reading them as if for the first time.

How often are we fortunate enough to read the Word of God with that awareness and our ears ready to hear what the Spirit might be saying to us?

Theological presuppositions, church of origin issues, our own wounedednwss we may not even know exists — they blur our understanding. They seek compliance, tameness, and sameness instead.

The people we who lead Jesus’ church and teach His word, miss the opportunity to influence those we love and shepherd in the rare moments when they’re awake and aware due to a life crises or simply dissatisfaction with the status quo. Are we wasting those tiny slices of life when eternally significant changes occur? Do we create fear, shame or boredom or discouragement merely because we’ve become anesthetized with our own well-worn interpretations of God’s living and active Word?

Seeking a state of expectant awareness seems like a worthy quest in studying God’s Word. And when we find it, it’s worth cherishing and sharing.