Protecting Myself As a Leader (vs. Trusting Love

protecting myself.jpg

The reason it’s so hard to tell a leader something (tragically, especially spiritual leaders–parents, pastors, elders, missionaries) is that it will challenge our core strategy to protect ourselves. It has the threat of exposing our comfortable inconsistencies, our deepest fears, our hidden motives.

And our flesh isn’t capable of absorbing that.

The “I’m just fine” filter and our lack of courage combine to protect us, keeping whatever we have determined in our inner self never to feel again a remote possibility. It’s safe, low maintenance, and stuffs every unhappy corner of life into its assigned closet.

The alternative is to embrace Jesus’ command to love one another, not only as one who gives love but also as one who receives love. To follow Jesus toward your destiny in Him (Ephesians 2:10), not alone but protected by the love of a few trusted others. A journey to more effectiveness, more joy, more community, and more sustainability.

But not more control.

You already have that.

Ed UnderwoodComment