Can Your Church Really Get Healthier Next Year?


Where Does Church Health (Or Transformation In Any Community) Begin?

Transformation begins with the leaders as they begin to entrust their lives/ministry/mission/team/community to God and others.

In an atmosphere of grace, leaders courageously determine to listen to the Spirit’s truth in community in ways that release strengths and protect weaknesses.

Leaders begin to embrace Jesus’ disciplemaking model of growth by multiplication as they build into a few who build into others.

And Then…

Layered discipleship in a grace culture brings a deepening trust between leaders and followers. Emerging leaders begin to dream their own dreams for advancing the kingdom.

A sustainable ministry/mission/team/community that is owned by valued and hearts-made-new-in-Christ co-laborers becomes less dependent on a few high-profile leaders and releases greater works than any human visionary could ever imagine.

We’re not suggesting a total makeover. We’re suggesting a practical and Biblical recentering of your mission and ministry.

There is a better way and it is not impossible to implement. Live and lead Recentered and watch what God will do.

Let’s start a conversation investigating how we can help your church or leadership team get healthier this year. Reach out to us here.

Ed UnderwoodComment