Failure and Grace in #Community


A few years ago Judy and I were at Cannon Beach Conference Center.  I was teaching the biblical passages behind the principles in my new book on discovering God’s will, The Trail. That particular morning I was teaching about the role of community in discovering God’s will. While I was studying I wrote this postt:

When I think about the first few years of my Christian life during the Jesus Movement of the 60s and 70s, the uniqueness of my experience causes me to thank God for the people who surrounded my fledgling faith.

Maybe their greatest gift to me was the grace to fail.

And Failure Happened

Especially in my uniquely personal failures the religious community didn’t like.

I still swore a lot when I got mad. Occasionally I’d sneak away from my Christian friends to hang out with my drinking buddies. I still went to dances and rock concerts, so that caused some of the Pharisees in my life to wonder about my salvation.

But I also failed in ways that matter most to Jesus.

I still struggled with a lustful thought life. I still hurt people I loved. I still blew up in anger. I still wasted a lot of time doing things that I thought I had to do to be happy. I still bought stuff I thought I had to have to be happy. And I gossiped more than ever now that I had Christians “discipling” me in that spiritual discipline.

In spite of my failures, and they were many, I always knew that I still belonged to Jesus. I never doubted His love for me. I never doubted that I was going to heaven. I never doubted that if I chose to walk with Jesus, He would redeem every aspect of my life.

The people surrounding my life got grace, and that’s how grace got me!

Question: Is there someone in your life who needs a little grace today? Do you get it?

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