If It's Not About Jesus, Then What Are We Doing Here?

Wandering Through the Religious Wilderness

Wandering Through the Religious Wilderness

One simple principle helps me evaluate all theological issues or questions I encounter nowadays. It’s the only point that matters, really. The questions and issues are mostly sincere but sometimes just a smokescreen to keep from dealing with the real One who wants access to our lives.

When you’re in a religious conversation, a theological debate, a church event, a board meeting… if we take the approach that this is the most significant question or concern and there’s a right answer or a correct strategy, we’re not actually engaging and moving things forward under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Instead, consider using the question as a chance to see more deeply in what this interaction is for, where would God’s Spirit progress this? If we would just take time to listen before we talk, plan and posture. Focus on the Person we call King, why He allowed this tension and how He would ask us to resolve it, and most of all, what needs to change in us.

Oh, and this works the same in a marriage, a family, a friendship, or a small group or ministry team.

If it’s not about Jesus, then what are we doing here?

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