The Difference We're Making Together

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“I’m sorry, I have no resources to pay you, but I need your advice.”

This young pastor is not alone. I get phone calls or emails like this every week. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of being a missionary sent out from Church of the Open Door. I can help these women and men trying to keep their head above the surface in these toxic waters we call church leadership.

This particular pastor didn’t lead a huge church, just a church. That tells you a lot, doesn’t it? When it isn’t a huge church we feel free to call it “just” a church. As if one local expression of the Bride of Christ deserves the adjective “just.”

Well, it isn’t a large church and he isn’t some famous pastor. He was just a guy.

A lonely guy.

Needing a friend and a little advice.

No sooner had I finished that conversation than Chris Jacobsen (who is now in the process of raising support from his community to join Recentered Group) called me to report that a friend who was a junior staff member of a church had texted him for prayer. It seems that the lead pastor was loudly berating an unfortunate staff member in the office next to his. “This is nuts,” Chris remarked. “My buddy is wondering about his own self-worth, purpose, and calling from the Lord.”

My answer was one I wouldn’t believe myself if not for the irrefutable evidence. This type of bullying by lead pastors and denominational leaders is more the rule than the exception. This is the difference we’re making at Recentered. We’re not trying to heal the broken church worldwide, we’re simply giving it everything we have to heal pastors, leaders, leadership teams, and churches….one life and one community at a time.

To those of you who invest in us through prayer and finances, thank you for helping us make that small but eternal difference.