Pastor, You Do Not Need To Take Care of Easter


Because God already has.

I’m thumbing through my file drawers i moved into my upstairs office a few weeks ago. There are over forty file folders titled “Easter.”

Each of these file folders contain about three pages of sermon notes, four or five pages of exegetical notes, and way too many homiletical (preaching) notes and annotations. The earlier these folders were in my pastoral career the thicker the folder.

How well I remember my first Easter morning sermon. I was a mess. I put so much pressure on myself to preach the perfect sermon, and we as a church put so much pressure on ourselves to be the greatest show in the community that Sunday.

Statistics tell us that Easter visitors don’t stick and stay. What I realized way too late in my pastoral career is that the best way to celebrate Easter as a church is to be who you really are.

Easter doesn’t need helicopters dropping Easter eggs, smoke and mirrors on stage, celebrity testimonies, and huge stadiums filled with curious people who are already saved just checking out the newest megachurch in their community.

Easter doesn’t need any help at all.

Pastor, you do not need to take care of Easter.

God already did that when He raised His Son from the dead.

Ed Underwood2 Comments