Personal Discipleship: Up Close and Personal

Personal Discipleshi.jpeg

Last week I was at Ecola Bible School in Cannon Beach teaching a 9-session class on Personal Discipleship. Imagine my excitement when I asked a student at breakfast (David above) who was his favorite teacher this year. 

He answered, "My two favorite teachers were Mark McCune and Keith Krell."

David, without any prompting from me, named two men it has been my privilege to disciple. My mind cataloged memories of sitting around tables with both of these men talking about the grace of God and the wonder of the Scriptures. 

There it is, the power of personal discipleship...up close and personal.

This is a story I will tell many times in the next few years as I mentor and encourage pastors who claim they don’t have enough time to do discipleship. The power of discipleship exceeds the power of vision, sermons, strategies, and programs. 


Because it's the Lord Jesus' one and only plan.