The Key Lesson From a Disciplemaking Pastor


Discipleship works.

Intentional relationships that encourage believers to trust and follow Jesus privilege everyday believers to participate in the Great Commission.

Discipleship requires honesty and vulnerability, living out of the new creation with the confidence that allows us to tell true stories about ourself.

Discipleship makes change happen.

Pastor, what would happen if you did that, beginning with your staff, elders, and leadership team? What would happen if you risked engaging in purposeful relationships with those you lead rather than merely handing out assignments and holding them accountable? By the way, it doesn’t take the Holy Spirit to lead in the way corporate managers lead.

What would happen if the weeks and months that you built into other leaders relaxed them enough to let you in, and more importantly invite the Holy Spirit to speak truth into their lives through God’s Word, you, and others? What would happen if you were surrounded by leaders who were equipped to build into others because of your love for them and influence in their lives? What would happen as this spilled over into so many others in your church who were on a similar journey struggling to follow Christ, and these in turn dedicated themselves to serving Jesus, eagerly helping you, your leaders, and everyday believers?

The best way to grow a church as a healing community of faith is to follow the Master’s simple plan: Make Disciples.

For most of you this will mean a radical shift in philosophy of ministry, vision, and priorities. But if you’ll risk leading your church the way Jesus said rather than the way the current so-called church experts teach, you’ll never go back.

In the end, you’ll reach far more people with the gospel by multiplying disciplemakers rather than chasing trends.