The Devastation of Leaky Faucets In Relationships

leaky faucet.jpg

The simple but sometimes overlooked rule of hydraulics is this: Leaky faucets don’t fix themselves, they only get worse.

The Bible applies this leaky faucet principle to relationships. Proverbs warns over and over again that small disagreements and wounds in marriage and friendship only get worse, they never get better.

Before you know it, the leak becomes a flood.

Marriages turn sour, friends become enemies, and on a church leadership team, harmony turns to disunity.

In my work with Recentered I spend a lot of time helping leaders rely on God as they heal wounded church relationships. Inevitably, the tensions and fissures had been brewing for months and years. One lead pastor once bemoaned the fact that two of his staff members whose offices were next to one another hadn’t spoken in twelve years!

If you’re a pastor, staff member, elder, or leader of a church or missionary team, beware of the Satanic deception that relational strife will heal itself if you just put your head down and grow the church or accomplish the mission.

Sooner rather than later, the enemy is going to jump into that damaged friendship with both feet.

And suddenly, your entire ministry is threatened. Not due to theology or philosophy of ministry, but because you ignored the leaky faucet of relational disharmony.

You may feel justified pursuing the unholy goal of getting your way or you may have to move on… But the ones who lose are those you leave behind.

All they know is that a beloved pastor, leader, or team member is gone, and they feel like children of divorce. What happened? Was it something we did?

Christian leader, pay attention to detail when it comes to relationships with other leaders.

A leaky faucet never gets better; it only gets worse.