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Why Recentered? To Help Leaders Recover The Lost Art Of Discipleship

In my mind, the choice is clear. Pastors are under more pressure to grow the church, meet needs, run programs, and make budget than any other time in church history. I get that, but it’s also true that people are lonelier, more crazed by a world of screens and bad news, and desperately seeking meaningful lives and a place to belong. Our world is ripe for discipleship.

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The Disciplemaking Church: Where do I begin?

That’s what RecenteredGroup is all about. If you’re wondering what I’d say if you asked me how I would help you build a discpemaking church my answer would be:

“Let me come spend time with you and your leaders. I’ll disciple them in a way that equips them to disciple others.”It’s just that simple. However, with over four decades of experience I think I can help you avoid about a thousand of the ten-thousand disciplemaking mistakes I made.

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Disciples, Don’t Forget To Actually Make Them

In Jesus’ mind and teaching nothing is more important than loving one another and making disciples. Until the leaders embrace discipleship by turning it into a habit, the plan will be nothing more than, well, a plan. When pastors and elders show up for discipleship by doing it over and over again until they’re good at it, and until it’s a part of who they are and what they do, making disciples begins to take off.

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