If I could avoid it, I wouldn’t use the term “church consulting.” That’s because I’m not promoting a program or telling you who you ought to be. Rather, I help you discover how grace works in community so that intentional and layered discipleship begins to make a difference in your leaders, your church, and your world. I simply help you get to where Jesus is leading you as you re-center your priorities to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

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Church-Wide RecenteredGroup Messaging and Planning Weekend

Most Christians have been taught to mistrust grace. These weekends are designed to begin turning cultures from performance-based, sin-management views of spirituality, community and vision to trusting God enough to pursue Jesus’ priorities in life—making disciples and loving one another. Here’s what you can expect:

+ Friday Evening Leaders’ Dinner: An informal meal with the leaders so I can listen to your heart and encourage you by recommending a foundational process to move your community from striving to measure up to trusting Jesus enough to make disciples and love one another.

+ Saturday Intensive With Leaders and Stakeholders: Having put together a unique course for your specific needs, I’ll spend the day with your leaders. This day is designed to help leaders begin to experience the liberating truths of grace and love in disciplemaking toward a high trust culture. This day usually involves:
—Breakfast, followed by two 90-minute sessions
—Lunch Break
—Two 90-minute sessions in the afternoon
—Dinner, followed by Question and Answer Session

+ Sunday Message(s) Specifically and Uniquely Tailored to Your Community: I’ll take your community/congregation to God’s Word to help you recenter their expectations and vision.

+ Sunday Follow-Up Planning Session With Leaders: We’ll evaluate where your team and community are in the process of recentering priorities and vision, and develop a strategy for moving forward.

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Leaders-Only 3-Day Intensive RecenteredGroup Assessment and Planning Experience

Assessment Report, 3-Day Onsite intensive with leaders and stakeholders.
Here’s what you can expect:

+ Listening—My process begins with onsite assessments. I’ll make sure that your leadership team and your culture’s stakeholders feel heard and valued.

+ Questions—I’ll suggest a few things and ask critical questions to make sure I have the full picture of what your team or culture desires and needs.

+ Design—I’ll design a strategic plan that honors your dreams but insists upon submitting your dreams to the priorities of Jesus. I’ll help you identify pressure points that must be addressed, warning signs of unforeseen disunity, and markers for embracing Jesus priorities of making disciples and loving one another. This design will help you overcome the challenges and fears of moving your team and community toward your authentic, grace-based, strength-releasing, weakness-protecting, mission-specific destiny.

+ Build—I’ll walk you through a month-by-month plan that we created during the onsite assessment. I’ll help you move steadily, through your own Recentering Team, as you collectively risk trusting Jesus in the process. I’ll troubleshoot the surprises that inevitably surface during this messy but glorious process.

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6-Month Follow-up

Monthly Coaching and Strategizing
During the off months when the I’m not onsite, I serve the local Recentering Team by ensuring that the ministry and leadership community are moving forward according to Jesus’ priorities of making disciples and loving one another. The coaching hours would include supporting the Recentering Team, giving insights that encourage a smooth transition process and serving as a non-judgmental, non-anxious, hopeful presence. This would be accomplished through phone calls, conference calls, emails, and Zoom, with Ed.

+ A 2-Day Quick Start: The pressure points identified in the assessment are the focus of these 3 days. The Ed meets with the Recentering Team (leaders, stakeholders, and key community members) to work on and move through any thresholds that are hindering the process or need special attention. By the end of the visit, the Ed will have a firm grasp on specific steps to move the community toward discipleship and unity and has resolved a majority of the pressure points.

+ A 2-Day RecenteredGroup Visioning Retreat: It’s important that the leadership community keeps its eyes looking towards the future while actively pursuing a disciplemaking, hight-trust, authentic culture. These three days would entail four 3-hour sessions: The first three, with any stake holders in the community (just about everyone is invited) teaching and experiencing the basics of protective love and multiplication through discipleship. The last session would be solely with the Recentering Team and leaders (elders, staff). This is a fun and enthusiasm building event, enjoyed by all involved. The end result is a Recentered mission statement, values, 3-year goals and 1-year benchmarks, and an organizational structure document to pursue becoming a healthy, high-trust, disciplemaking ministry or organization.



Note: For Ed and Recentered Group to oversee the first 6 months of the get healthy timeline
Investment: $4200, plus travel expenses (negotiable for smaller or traumatized communities)