Leadership, Team & Community

Harmony and Healing

We know that the usual reasons offered for disunity among leaders are suspect, and so do the people you’re trying to convince. “Moving in a different direction,” a “difference in philosophy of ministry,” or “he or she is transitioning to a new ministry,” or “moving in a different direction” is code for, “We can’t get along and we don’t know what else to do!”

We view this as our triage ministry to faith communities. We can show you a better way—to begin trusting God and one another with your vision, hurts, wounds, and unmet expectations. These onsite/offsite consults aren’t the sustaining solution (see above and below), but they’re designed to at least give your church/team/community the opportunity to begin healing.


Preventing a Church/Team Split

Please let us in BEFORE the split! When you know you’re moving toward disunity and you’re desperate enough, we can help you stop the bleeding by a three-step process:

+ What would it look like if we stopped lying to ourselves about our unity?

+ How do we stop self-protecting and begin trusting God for this ministry?

+ What is the next step to rescue this ministry for the cause of Christ?

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Surviving a Church/Team Split

No follower of Christ or shepherd of His people plans for the trauma and malaise of a church/team split. We can help you catch your breath and put you on an immediate path for survival that will even lead to hope by a three-step process:

+ How can we pursue personal reconciliation?

+ What can we learn from the pain of this tragedy?

+ What is the next step to move from survival to significance?