If you are tired of cookie-cutter solutions …

…you might be surprised by the simple power of a recentered ministry . My approach is relational, personality specific, and culturally sensitive. It all begins with a time of listening and discussion. I bring my years of experience in leadership, discipleship, team-building, mission accomplishment, and culture-transformation to bear as I sit with leaders and ask questions. Each leader and culture is special, and your context will be unique. Therefore, your blueprint to authentic leadership and community will be different from others, though some underlying problems and principles are universal.

We have learned that quick fixes don’t work. Like duct tape on a helicopter blade, the quick fix creates false security, and the whole thing eventually falls from the sky. I’m interested in building sustaining high-trust cultures that release world-changers who follow Jesus.


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My process begins with onsite or online (zoom) assessments. I’ll make sure that your personal story, leadership team’s story and your culture’s stakeholders feel heard and valued. I’ll suggest a few things and ask critical questions to make sure I have the full picture of what your team or culture desires and needs.


I’ll design a strategic plan that honors your dreams but insists upon submitting your dreams to the priorities of Jesus. This design will help you overcome the challenges and fears of moving your team and community toward your authentic, grace-based, strength-releasing, weakness-protecting, mission-specific destiny.

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I’ll walk you through a month-by-month plan that we created during the onsite assessment. I’ll help you move steadily as you collectively risk trusting Jesus in the process. I’ll troubleshoot the surprises that inevitably surface during this messy but glorious process.


Transformation begins with individuals.

Transformation begins with individuals and especially leaders as they begin to entrust their lives/ministry/mission/team/community to what matters most to Jesus.

In an atmosphere of grace, both individual believers and their leaders courageously determine to listen to the Spirit’s truth in community in ways that release strengths and protect weaknesses. Leaders begin to embrace Jesus’ disciple-making model of growth by multiplication as they build into a few who build into others. Layered discipleship in a grace culture brings a deepening trust between leaders and followers. Emerging leaders begin to dream their own dreams for advancing the kingdom.

A sustainable ministry/mission/team/community that is owned by valued and heard made-new-in-Christ co-laborers becomes less dependent on a few high-profile leaders and releases greater works than any human visionary could ever imagine. I am not suggesting a total makeover. I am suggesting a practical and Biblical recentering of your mission and ministry. There is a better way and it is not impossible to implement. Trust Jesus enough to live recentered on His priorities and watch what God will do.