I bring 40 years of experience in teaching the Bible and virtually every aspect of the Christian life, leadership, and church community. I’ve taught in seminary and Bible School environments, and at Marriage Retreats, Family Conferences, city-wide and national conference, and Local Church conferences.

My teaching emphasizes the power of the grace of God to change lives, marriages, families, and communities. Whether you’re looking for exposition of a book of the Bible, an overview of the entire Bible, or practical topical series like how to know God’s will, how to live loved in a marriage or community, or some Good News about spiritual maturity, I can tailor your series to meet your particular need.

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Men’s Retreats and Conferences

Some have remarked that this is my wheelhouse. That doesn’t surprise me since I spent a good portion of my life as a fireman for the US Forest Service and an officer in the United States Army. I’ve been discipling and leading men for my entire Christian life, and I love a weekend away with a group of men who want to know how to live for Jesus in this broken world.

Here’s just a few of the titles from the men’s retreats I’ve taught over the years:
+ Are you man enough?
+ The Good News About Spiritual Maturity
+ Love, Lead, Lose
+ The Great Exchange
+ The Redwood Brothers
+ The Trail: How to know God’s will
+ Everything I know now that I wish I had known as a younger man!


Pulpit Supply

Whether it’s to give the local church pastor a break or to provide extended pulpit supply during troubled times in a local church, I cherish teaching the Word of God in a local church. Here are some of the series churches have appreciated over the years:

+ An overview of every book of the Bible. This can be a one-timer (Colossians, Ephesians, Isaiah), a particular historical period or author (The Historical Books of the Old Testament, Acts, The Pentateuch, the Post-Exilic Prophets), or, if there’s time, a series that does indeed cover the entire Bible, “Give Us Two Years and We’ll Give you the Bible.
+ Topical Series on the Christian Life:
+ Vision By Prayer
+ Survival to Significance
+ Book Studies
+ How to Teach the Bible
+ Moving Toward a Disciplemaking Culture
+ Building a Culture of Love