Kilns College


As chairperson of the Kilns College board of directors, and board member of Shepherd’s House Ministries in Bend, Oregon, I had the privilege of working with Ed Underwood, organizing a three-day weekend leadership workshop which he led this past July. We had 27 participants representing board and staff from Kilns College, Antioch Church, and Shepherd’s House Ministries (which also included men and women resident leaders from residential programs for the homeless).  The workshop focus was on connecting our leadership teams with Jesus’ priorities, with lecture, powerpoint, Q&A, and small group formats.  Over the course of the 14-hour workshop, participants learned about the central importance of the two great commandments, and how love for one another was critical to successful Christian leadership within a culture of grace and trust, while pursuing God’s will and destiny for the mission/ministry of the organization.  Ed was very skillful in teaching and leading the group, sharing many personal and professional stories, collected overyears of teaching, writing, ministry, firefighting, and military duty.  Group response was very positive, and we enthusiastically endorse Ed and his continuing ministry and mentoring for Christian leaders in churches and non-profit organizations. 

— Randall Jacobs, MD, Chairperson, Kilns College.

Ed Underwood