Pastor, You Do Not Need To Take Care of Easter

Easter doesn’t need helicopters dropping Easter eggs, smoke and mirrors on stage, celebrity testimonies, and huge stadiums filled with curious people who are already saved just checking out the newest megachurch in their community. Easter doesn’t need any help at all. Pastor, you do not need to take care of Easter. God already did that when He raised His Son from the dead.

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Ed Underwood Comments
Why Recentered? To Help Leaders Recover The Lost Art Of Discipleship

In my mind, the choice is clear. Pastors are under more pressure to grow the church, meet needs, run programs, and make budget than any other time in church history. I get that, but it’s also true that people are lonelier, more crazed by a world of screens and bad news, and desperately seeking meaningful lives and a place to belong. Our world is ripe for discipleship.

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How to Fight Feelings of Forlornness in the Ministry, by Ed Underwood

I’ve been a pastor for over 40 years and a few times each year it hits me. “What if I’ve wasted my life?” What I’m describing is that lingering doubt that won’t go away, maybe even an initial melancholy. I’ve fought deep and paralyzing depression two or three times in my life, so there’s genuine fear in my heart that I may be sinking into the abyss of shaming despondency. Basically, the emotion is that my life is meaningless and all that I’ve been doing for Jesus and am now doing for Jesus has zero impact and there’s no reason to keep trying, to contribute anything — to say or write one word.

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