Please Join Our Prayer Team

William Law said, "There is nothing that makes us love a man so much as prayer for him."

Seriously, if you pray for someone long enough, your heart toward them will change. You will gain vested interests in their welfare and will want God to work in their life, and bring blessing to them.

Please consider joining our prayer team. The churches, pastors, missionaries, and leadership teams we spend time with are often struggling with acute problems, teetering on the edge of burnout, conflict, and even church splits. I’m convinced that the loneliest person in most churches is the pastor.

If you subscribe to our weekly newsletter, you’ll not only keep up with Judy and me and what’s happening in our lives, but you’ll become the most important part of our ministry. You’ll discover that you actually begin to care for these pastors, leaders, missionaries, and churches you’ve never met. Is there a more fruitful and critical prayer ministry than praying for wounded assemblies and leaders in ways that they can get healthy and thrive?

Before you decide, please read the following few paragraphs:

Too many church leaders or Christian leaders are living successful (often self-defined according to unchallenged and even non-biblical definitions), satisfied (at least in appearance), medicated (secret life, workaholic, theology addict), and isolated.

The average church or Christian leadership team lives pressurized, driven, fearful, and exhausted.

Turnover in churches and Christian leadership teams as they desperately move from one vision or goal to another builds deep mistrust of leaders, fragments and frazzles staff, and undermines kingdom work.

There’s an epidemic of pastors, staff members, and parachurch leaders leaving their churches, staffs, and organizations. The Barna Group reported in 2009 that the average tenure of lead pastors is only four years. The numbers are even more alarming for the tenure of the staff positions these short-term pastors attempt to lead.

The collective collateral damage in the lives of burned out leaders and frustrated or abused followers over the last few decades has become one of the saddest chapters in church history.

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