May 20th Commitments

Ed and Judy

Ed and Judy


If you’re planning on Investing in us and Recentered After we are no longer salaried by church of the open door …

Our home church (Church of the Open Door) has generously offered to keep us on full salary as we raise support for our Recentered Group ministry.

What a gift! But it’s also a great responsibility. We’re asking God to fully support us by the time we go to Israel on May 20th. We know how tight church finances can be, so we want to take the burden of our salary off of our beloved church sooner rather than later.

This means we need to hear from those of you who have told us you would be supporting us when we’re no longer salaried by the church.

If you would, we sure would appreciate for planning purposes if you could let us know about how much you’re planning on investing in us and Recentered Group. A simple email to our Recentered Group address here, answering the following:



The amount you feel the Lord is leading you to invest in us and Recentered Group:

If June of 2019 seems reasonable for you to begin giving:

Note: This would enable us to let the church know before we’re off to Israel that May is our last month on salary.

Thank you for considering this.

Ed and Judy